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RNLI Thank-you morning.

It was thanks all round at the Barmouth RNLI Lifeboathouse on Thursday morning the 6th December when a thank-you coffee-morning had been arranged to acknowledge the hard work and dedication put in by fundraising volunteers over the previous year. 

Fundraising Chairman Wendy Ponsford thanked a room of enthusiastic supporters who were delighted to hear that, in total, the Barmouth Branch had raised over £30,000 this year.  RNLI mechanic, Llew Griffin, gave a short demonstration of the station’s new video cameras.  These are small enough to be attached to the helmets of crew members when they are called out and can record first-hand information of each rescue.  A short film was shown, a compilation of pieces recorded on lifeboat ‘shouts’ across the UK; an excellent way of raising awareness of exactly what is involved when our lifeboats put to sea. 

A special vote of thanks went to June Davies who manages the RNLI souvenir shop.  June reported that a profit of £16,888.28 had been made on souvenir sales this year.  June thanked the diligent group of volunteers who man the shop throughout the summer season, with especial mention for those who had stepped in to cover shifts at the last minute.
A special presentation was made to John Probert, who is retiring after a total of 32 years in the service of the RNLI.  John has served as a crew member and as Lifeboat Operations Manager.  He was presented with a barometer in thanks for his help and support to the Fundraising Committee.

Future events include the SOS sponsored walk a ‘Saunter on the Sands’ on Friday 25th January 2013.  It will be followed by a thank-you bowl of soup at the Lifeboat house afterwards. The coxswain, crew and friends will again be taking a New Year’s Day dip in the sea at about 11 a.m. on 1st January 2013.  This is to be followed by a well-earned and warming barbecue brunch.  Members of the public are most welcome to come and join in.  Sponsor forms for those who want to take part in either event can be obtained from Barmouth Lifeboathouse.
The Meirion Amateur Radio Society will again set up their radio station in the Lifeboat house on the 25th January and will contact other radio enthusiasts all over the world.  They work, day and night, throughout the weekend raising money for the RNLI.  Members of the public are invited to the boathouse to see their progress, and to have the chance to speak to people in the UK, Europe and the USA.

The crew and fundraisers of Barmouth RNLI are delighted to be associated with them.  It’s enthusiasm such as this that keeps our lifeboats afloat.


Celebrations at the Boathouse.

RNLI crew members, shore crew, fundraisers and friends enjoyed a pleasant evening in Barmouth Lifeboathouse on Friday 10th November to celebrate a very special ‘birthday’.

It is 20 years since the RNLB the Moira Barrie arrived at the station.  During which time, Coxswain Peter Davies told us, 115 launches had been made, 129 people rescued and 15 lives saved.  The recently appointed Chairman, Ian Sadler, introduced the evening when medals to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee were presented to each member of the crew and shore crew by new President, Harry Allday.

A framed letter of thanks from Mr Paul Boissier was presented to the outgoing Chairman Dr Rob Haworth by the President.  In a short address, Dr Haworth expressed how privileged he felt to have served as Chairman for the past thirteen years and was confident that, in the future, the Station and its superb crew would go from strength to strength.

A birthday cake, expertly designed by Eve Williams, was enjoyed, and a superb buffet provided by the crew and wives was accompanied by a glass of wine or two.  An opportunity for fundraisers, management team and the crew to enjoy each other’s company is always most welcome.

New President for Barmouth RNLI - November.

Harry Allday of Sain Clychau, Barmouth, has accepted the position of President at Barmouth Lifeboat Station. 
Harry was a crew member for twenty one years from 1966 to 1987 and
was Acting Second Coxswain when the lifeboat rescued the crew of three and
saved the trawler ‘Gardelwen’ on 31st October 1982,
for which he received the RNLI’s certificate for his participation in that rescue.
Harry took up Life Governor membership of the Institution in 1976.

Motocross Bike Wash - October 27th/28th.

Another busy Motocross event took place in Barmouth during the weekend of the 27th/28th October.  The two days were well attended, despite the rain on the Sunday.  Again this year, the crew of Barmouth Lifeboat offered to hose down participants’ bikes after each event for a donation towards the RNLI.  They were kept very wet and busy on both days and their efforts resulted in the sum of £341.48 being raised for the RNLI. .

ILB called out to dinghy - Saturday 22nd Sept.

Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) was called out in the blustery autumn weather conditions this weekend.  At 4.24 pm on Saturday 22nd September, a call was received to a dinghy with two persons on board off Fairbourne. 
When the ILB arrived at the scene, they saw that the occupants were in no immediate danger, and they managed to reach the shore unaided. 

Minutes later they were alerted to the plight of person on a jetski who was thought to be in need of assistance.  The owner of the jetski managed to restart his craft and headed off. 

As both incidents were resolved, the ILB returned to the station at 4.55pm.

A Maritime History of Barmouth - Tuesday 18th September.

The Dragon Theatre was almost full to capacity last Tuesday evening, the18th September, when Fundraisers of Barmouth RNLI held an evening on the Maritime History of Barmouth.

The appreciative audience on the evening helped raise a magnificent £1,066 for the RNLI, the charity that saves lives at sea.

For the complete story of the evening, please look here on our History pages.

For Those in Peril - 26th August.

The Annual Dedication service for the Barmouth RNLI lifeboats was brought to an abrupt halt on Sunday afternoon when the Reverend Kevin Horsewell announced, midway through the final hymn at the Lifeboat Station, that the crew were to be called out on a shout. The volunteer crew immediately scrambled to don their dry suits and lifejackets over smart shirts and ties and board the All Weather Lifeboat Moira Barrie to go to the aid of a vessel in distress off Llanaber. The call was received from HM Coastguard at 15.23 on 26th August, a fine Bank Holiday Sunday, and the launch was made across a busy promenade and beach thronging with visitors. The vessel, a small cabin cruiser experiencing mechanical difficulties with 5 persons aboard, was located off the coast near St Mary’s Church, Llanaber and was towed in to Barmouth harbour.

Minutes later at 1523 the Inshore Lifeboat was called out to a speedboat in the Mawddach whose engine had broken down. This boat, also with five persons aboard, was towed back to the safety of a mooring in Barmouth harbour.This was the third shout of the day for Barmouth RNLI who had been called out earlier at 1250 that day to the aid of two children on a sandbank. Thankfully, they managed to get ashore safely and the ILB stood down at 1255.

These incidents were a very real reminder of the important role our lifeboats serve in the seaside community and Reverend Horsewell resumed the service with a prayer for the safety of the crews and those rescued.


Schoolchildren support Barmouth RNLI - 21st August.

Pupils of Birches Green Junior School in Erdington, Birmingham have come up trumps again for the RNLI. As a result of their contributions on a non-uniform day at the school, Year 3 pupils collected £150 which was presented at the station on Tuesday 21st August 2012.  The children of Birches Green School are loyal supporters of the RNLI and visit Barmouth station regularly, their last visit being on 14th June 2012.  Pictured is Mr Ken Gower, of the school, presenting a cheque to Mrs Wendy Cleaver, Barmouth RNLI Visits Officer.


Child found safe and sound - 8th August.

The Barmouth RNLI ILB was put on standby on Tuesday 8th August after receiving reports from police that an 11 year-old girl was missing. The child had been missing for two hours when the worried parents met police and coastguard personnel at the Lifeboathouse on the promenade at Barmouth.  The ILB was just about to launch when, much to the relief of her anxious parents, the girl appeared around the corner, safe and well.

All's well that ends well - Sunday 5th Aug.

When Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat was called out at 7.55 pm on the evening of Wednesday 4th April in response to a report that a canoeist had been washed ashore at Fegla Fawr, Arthog, the volunteer crew were surprised to find that the casualty was an 82 year old gentleman. 

The weather for April was unseasonably cold and, while trying to get ashore, the Force 7 wind had capsized his canoe and the man was discovered on the foreshore near Arthog Crescent.  When the volunteer crew from Barmouth ILB arrived, they found the casualty, who was suffering from hypothermia, being cared for by Fairbourne First Responders.  Ambulance personnel were also called and it was decided that, in view of the gentleman’s age and condition, he be transported by Air Ambulance to Ysbyty Gwynedd.

It turned out to be the first stay in hospital in all of his 82 years for David Jones originally from Llanidloes, but now living in Birmingham.  This fit and spritely gentleman has since become a familiar site canoeing up the Mawddach.  David enjoys holidaying in the area and only took up canoeing when he decided he was too old to climb Cader Idris at the age of 80, but last week there was another call to him.
David was fishing on a sandbank in the Mawddach when it started to rain heavily.  Rather than interrupt his fishing, he erected a small tent in which he was sheltering when a well-intentioned, but justifiably concerned, member of the public called out the emergency services.
The volunteer crew launched at 14.38 on Sunday 5th August and on arrival at the scene recognised Mr Jones who assured them that he was perfectly all right and intended canoeing ashore before the tide turned.
This turn of events culminated in Mr Jones meeting the crew and First Responders at the Lifeboat house on Tuesday 7th August to present a very generous donation of £1,035.00 to be shared between the Barmouth Lifeboat and Fairbourne First Responders.
Mr Jones, a long-time supporter of the RNLI, expressed his gratitude to the crew saying ‘I am so appreciative of what you do – you are an asset to society.’



Come and Visit us at the Boathouse - Sunday 8th July.

The big boathouse doors were thrown open on Sunday 8th July when the general public were invited to Come and Visit Us.  Mums, Dads, children and curious passers-by were able to have a look around the boats and the Barmouth Station.  Both the Inshore Lifeboat and the All-weather Lifeboat were on display and a steady stream of people came along to speak to crew members about the work of the RNLI, its crews and support staff and to get a peek below decks.

Refreshments were on sale and although entry was free (this was not intended as a fundraising day) donations of £185 were received from generous visitors.  In addition the RNLI enlisted new supporters who pledged to make regular donations, resulting in an extra £225 being credited to the Barmouth branch.  This proved to be a popular and interesting day for everyone.


Col. Colin Walker - 6th July 2012.

It is with extreme sadness that we record the death of Col. Colin Walker.  Colin served as Hon Secretary of Barmouth RNLI from April 1984 until May 1999 when he was elected President of the Barmouth Branch.  He also served as Treasurer on the Fundraising Committee until his death on 6th July 2012.
In each of his roles he carried out his duties with precision and attention to duty that was second to none.  A considerate and effective leader, his wealth of experience and knowledge will be hugely missed by all the local organisations in which he was involved, among them, the Barmouth to Fort William Three Peaks Race and the Sailors’ Institute.



The weather leading up to the start of the Barmouth to Fort William Three Peaks Race was the roughest race officials have seen in the race's history.  Many of the twelve boats participating this year only just made it to Barmouth in time.   Sea Fever, who took part in last year's race, had to call in to Pwllheli for repairs to a torn mainsail on Thursday.  They said they were happy that they did as conditions that afternoon were very bad with gusts up to Force 11 recorded. The young crew on ‘Thor’ said it was the roughest weather they had ever encountered as they tried to get into Barmouth overnight.   Many of the skippers spent a sleepless night on the trots on the Friday before race day. Crews and their support teams had to endure a very wet and stormy day waiting for the start which was later than usual with boats leaving the harbour at 6 pm for a start out at sea one hour later at 7 pm.

Despite the wet, windy and cold weather, a few stalwart supporters braved it on the quayside to wave them off.  The All Weather Lifeboat, the Moira Barrie and the Inshore Lifeboat, the Clive Tanner escorted the boats out of the harbour and were a reassuring sight to many of the crews and spectator boats. It was one of the wildest, but most spectacular starts ever experience, but it provided an opportunity for some dramatic shots of the lifeboat and competitors battling against the rough seas.

Each one of the twelve boats who entered the race this year completed the course, and despite the variable weather conditions, they all arrived at Corpach, the finish of the race, within 20 hours of each other.  Kugel Motion a Sigma 38, finished first at 08.11 on Friday morning, 21st June,  with Brioche Boys arriving late that night at 2300 hours.

The picture of the ALB in the trough of an enormous wave was taken by Rob Howard, the race Press Officer, who also covers the race on the sleepmonsters.com adventure racing website. Further dramatic pictures at the start and some rather more scenic ones of their progress through some of the most beautiful coastal waters in the UK can be found on the race's website www.threepeaksyachtrace.co.uk.  You can also read more detailed reports of the race here.

Jubilee Presentation - Sunday 10th June.

After returning from a three-hour exercise involving the All Weather Lifeboat Moira Barrie and Rescue 122, the Sea King Helicopter, on Sunday 10th June, Barmouth RNLI Coxswain Peter Davies and the volunteer crew were pleased to be the recipients of a very generous cheque.

Amber Martin and Jane Holmes of Belbroughton, Stourbridge, who have a caravan at Borthwen Caravan Park in Llwyngwril, decided to hold a Jubilee event in aid of the RNLI. Their Jubilee-themed party raised the substantial sum of £450 which was matched by Amber’s employers, Legal and General, to make a total of £900. This amount was increased by contributions from family and friends to the magnificent sum of one thousand pounds.    Amber, Jane and their families have been long-time supporters of the RNLI, raising money over many years; on one occasion some years ago, two members of the family rowed all the way from the George III at Penmaenpool and down the coast to Aberdyfi.

Pictured is Amber Martin with friends and family presenting her cheque to coxswain Peter Davies on board the all Weather Lifeboat Moira Barrie, and Mechanic Llew Griffin being winched up to the Sea King at the exercise earlier in the day.
Both pictures courtesy of Helen Iles.

The Boathouse Rocks 2012 - Sunday 3rd June.

The weather was a wet as a Jubilee Pageant on Sunday 3rd June but that did not deter enthusiastic fundraisers from Barmouth RNLI from turning out to raise money for their favourite charity.  The Lifeboathouse was alive from 12 noon until 6.00 pm with non-stop music provided by local groups who generously gave their services free to the RNLI for the day.

Although the weather was wet and cold, a substantial crowd of locals and holidaymakers gathered to listen to the music, and to support the RNLI at the various stalls. 

Organiser Sharon Cooney, who worked tirelessly to ensure the day was a success, was delighted to report that the day raised over £1,400 towards RNLI funds; a truly marvellous result in such disappointing weather.  It is intended that this popular and enjoyable event will be repeated again next year..

Barmouth ILB called 4 times - May 25th.

The fine, sunny weather brought crowds to Barmouth beaches at the weekend keeping volunteer rescue teams busy.

Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat was called out four times over the two day period.  Two calls on the morning of Saturday 25th May were to inflatable dinghies off Llanaber at the north end of the promenade, one involving two children who were thrown into the water from their boat in the strong easterly wind.  The Coastguard and Barmouth Harbour Master monitored the situation from the shore as the volunteer crew located the family and boat and brought them to the safety of the shore.

An easterly wind had been blowing all day at a steady force 5 to 6, gusting to force 7 and RNLI coxswain Peter Davies urged the general public not to put to sea in inflatable dinghies in such strong offshore breezes.

A further launch was made at 21.09 that evening to a suspected missing person when a pile of clothes was reported to be found on Talybont beach.  The Inshore Lifeboat crew made a thorough search of the coastline and beaches until the persons concerned were located and collected their clothes.

New lifejackets for Barmouth RNLI.

Barmouth RNLI coxswain and volunteer crew members were delighted to receive their new all-weather and inshore lifejackets last week.  RNLI Divisional Assessor Trainer Steve Hassan was present to provide essential training for the crew when they were able to wear them for an exercise with the All-Weather Lifeboat on Thursday 5 April 2012.

These new innovative lifejackets were designed specifically to meet the RNLI’s current search and rescue operational requirements. They will provide increased safety for all sizes and shapes of volunteers with a comfortable, secure fit. They are fitted with crotch straps, which prevent the lifejacket riding up over the wearer’s head when in the water, and an integrated harness, designed to pull the lifejacket away from the neck allowing greater freedom of movement while rescuing people.
There are also zipped pockets for casualty care kit, torches, gloves or knives and a spray hood designed to protect the wearer from sea spray. Ultimately the improved lifejackets should lead to increased efficiency and effectiveness in lifesaving.
Coxswain Peter Davies said ‘The new lifejackets are comfortable and easy to wear, we are fortunate that the RNLI considers the safety of its volunteer crew members to be so important and continues to advance and improve its safety equipment. This lifejacket is a lifesaver in its own right and will help our volunteers to save lives at sea in years to come.’

Each lifeboat station was asked to do their best to raise the money towards the provision of this vital lifesaving kit. It cost £4,500 to equip the Barmouth volunteers with the new lifejackets and local fundraisers from Barmouth, Fairbourne and the surrounding area, as well as those from further afield joined with the crew to pull out all the stops to raise this money. The New Year’s Day Sponsored Swim raised a total of £3,910, and the £783 raised at the RNLI SOS walk on 28 January was added to this so that more than the entire sum required was raised within the first month of the year.

More recently over £300 was raised at the RNLI Quiz held at the Merioneth Yacht Club, when the fish and chip supper was kindly donated by Sue Roberts of the Harbour Fish Bar. Fundraising Chairperson, Wendy Ponsford, would like to thank all those who have so generously given of their time and effort to make this fantastic achievement possible.

The crew are pictured wearing various types of lifejackets, from the old cork lifejacket invented in 1854, to the over-the-head version, those recently in use and their brand new lifejackets.

Barmouth RNLI go to the aid of canoeist.

Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat was called out at 7.55 pm on the evening of Wednesday 4th April in response to a report that a canoeist had been washed ashore at Fegla Fawr, near Arthog Crescent. 

The weather was unseasonably cold and the 82 year-old gentleman, who was suffering from hypothermia, was being cared for by First Responders.  Ambulance personnel were also called and it was decided that, in view of gentleman’s age and condition, he be transported by Air Ambulance to Ysbyty Gwynedd.  The ILB returned to the station just after 9.00 pm.

RNLB The Chieftain to attend historic boats at Thames Diamond Jubilee.

The Chieftain has been selected to be one of the historic boats to attend the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant    http://www.thamesdiamondjubileepageant.org/

Tony Gatt will be sailing her all the way to London, so it will be quite an epic adventure.  Kath is trying to track down a set of original oilskins and lifejacket as they have been asked to wear period clothing or a uniform that would be in keeping with the origin or history of the boat.  If anyone has anything suitable could you let her know.  She has a friend who is a seamstress who is going to try to replicate the outfits worn and it would be good to have something original to copy. They are both very excited and have said it's a great honour for The Chieftain.

First Shout of Spring.

Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat was called out this weekend when fine weather brought many tourists down to enjoy the unseasonally warm sunshine.  At about 4.55 pm on Sunday 25th March, a call was received to a Rigid Inflatable Boat experiencing engine difficulties off Caerddaniel Caravan site, north of Barmouth.  The five persons on board, two adults and three children, were in no immediate danger, but the boat was drifting and the owner was unable to restart the engine.  A towline was attached to the RIB and the craft was towed ashore.  The five occupants were taken to the RNLI Boathouse and the boat secured on a mooring in Barmouth harbour.  The ILB returned to the station at 6.45pm.

A trip down memory lane.

We have recently been given access to some old family cine films, now converted to digital format, showing the Barmouth lifeboat in the 70's and 80's. For those of you who like a bit of nostalgia please look at the links from our History page to see the videos. Each clip is around 3-4 minutes long and consists of :-

1976 Barmouth lifeboat day
1978 150th anniversary award
1979 Bronze medal award
1979 Lifeboat ladies guild
1982 New lifeboat arrival
1982 new lifeboat naming ceremony.

For the direct page link please click here.


Steve Morris, May 1962 - March 2012.

It is with much sadness that we report the death on Friday 2nd March 2012 of Steve Morris of Porkington Terrace, Barmouth after a long illness. 

Steve had been a member of the Shore Crew for several years and was a staunch supporter of the RNLI.  He will also be remembered for his work with the youth of the area, as leader with the ATC at Llanbedr and for the many Saturdays he sacrificed to teach dinghy sailing to the young people at the Merioneth Yacht Club.  Steve’s easy and encouraging manner enabled many timid youngsters to become confident sailors of the future - he will be missed.



Barmouth 2011 launch stats published

Our launch statistics for 2011 are now available on the website - see Shouts 2011 for the details.

2011 saw RNLI lifeboats launch 8,905 times around the coast of the UK and RoI, rescuing 7,976 people. Last year was the second busiest for launches according to RNLI records. The 4,800 dedicated lifeboat crew – 95% of whom volunteer their time to the charity – spent a collective 203,000 hours at sea and are on call 24/7. Breaking the figures down, close to 18% (1,641) of lifeboat call outs last year were attributed to machinery failure. 978 (60%) of these launches were to powered pleasurecraft, 383 (23%) to sail pleasurecraft and 217 (13%) to fishing vessels.

2011 saw a 10% jump in the number lifeboat launches to 'people in the sea' compared to 2010 – from 1,438 to 1,592. And people finding themselves 'cut off by the tide' led to 346 rescue launches – up more than 20% on the previous year. The message is clear, plan your trip to the coast and make sure you're aware of local conditions and, importantly, local tide times – this could save your life.

The cause of 339 lifeboat launches in 2011 were to vessels with fouled propellers – an increase of nearly 17% on 2010; most of the fouling was caused by discarded ropes and nets, which is surprising and disappointing given the importance attached to environmental protection.

The busiest year for RNLI lifeboats was 2009 when the charity launched lifeboats 9,223 times, and 8,731 in 2010, which was the third busiest year for lifeboats.

RNLI Saunter on Sands

Eighteen fundraisers and friends from the Barmouth Branch of the RNLI met at the Lifeboathouse on Saturday morning, 28th January for a sponsored “Saunter on the Sands” to raise money for the RNLI’s SOS day – their biggest fundraising day. The 4½ mile walk took them over the barrage to the Perch and along the shoreline to Llanaber and back on a bright but cold day. On their return to the Boathouse they were treated to a warming bowl of soup and a crusty roll.

Between them they have raised over £500 and there is still more to come in. The money will go towards the purchase of new lifejackets special designed for RNLI volunteer crews across Wales. Individual stations have been asked to raise a target sum towards the provision of this vital lifesaving kit; Barmouth’s being £4,500. Already, thanks to the unstinting generosity of the local community they are already well on their way to reaching this target.

Charity cycle ride in June 2012

Darren Wilkes and his cyclist friends will again be riding from Wyrley in Staffordshire to Barmouth this year raising funds for the RNLI.  This will be the tenth time they have undertaken the 107 mile trip and over the years they have raised between £300 and £1200 for their favourite charity.

The cyclists will be leaving Staffordshire at 0630 am on Saturday the 23rd June and hope to arrive at the RNLI Boathouse in Barmouth between 3 and 5 pm the same day. Please come along and support them if you can.

Making a Splash for Barmouth RNLI - January 2012

It was a record turnout for Barmouth RNLI’s annual New Year’s Day dip into the freezing waters of Cardigan Bay on Sunday morning.  Over 40 people of all ages took the plunge to raise money for their favourite charity.  But this year it wasn’t just the crew and friends, they were joined by visitors from far and wide.  The Bradley family from Kinver in the West Midlands came down especially for the occasion and had been busy collecting sponsorship for weeks before Christmas. There was a lot of good-humoured fun as holidaymakers and local residents turned out to watch the volunteer crew, some dressed as Father Christmas, Superwoman and Scooby-Doo.


The crew and supporters are extremely grateful to local businesses and members of the Barmouth community for their unstinting generosity, enabling substantial amounts to be collected by some individuals.  Young Molly Allday of Wrexham, grand daughter of former coxswain Keith Allday, raised £62.10 with her cousin Cerys Butterfield. 

12 year-old Kieran Clarke, who holidays with his family each year in Barmouth, presented Coxswain Peter Davies with £40 for RNLI funds.  This was made up of a sum of money that Kieran had found several months ago, it was unclaimed and Keiran was able to keep it after the required passage of time.  He was very keen that the money went to the RNLI.  Such support and enthusiasm in one so young is to be commended.

A total of over £2,500 was raised in sponsorship monies; this will go towards the RNLI’s ‘Lifejackets for Lifesavers’ campaign.  Their new innovative all-weather and inshore lifejackets have been designed specifically to meet the RNLI’s current search and rescue operational requirements, allowing greater freedom of movement while for volunteer crews rescuing people.  Each station is asked to make a special effort to raise a target sum and this will directly help crews to save lives at sea in years to come.

The canon was again fired at noon in remembrance of past crew members and a warming barbecue brunch was served in the Lifeboat station.


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