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Barmouth Beach Motocross - November 2009

Once again, November saw the arrival of hundreds of enthusiasts in support of the annual Barmouth Beach Moto cross race. The race which is hosted by Wilden MotoCross occurred over the weekend of 31st Oct and 1st Nov. With most of the country suffering from rain, Barmouth in contrast enjoyed some November sunshine on the Saturday. Early Sunday morning was a little disappointing but the weather soon cleared so spectators and competitors didn’t suffer too much. This year there was a bumper entry of riders who were supported by an enthusiastic spectator audience. Thankfully, they were happy to make donations and so the RNLI also benefitted from their enthusiasm and support. When the sand finally settled at the end of the weekend, the RNLI was better off thanks to the kind generosity of the Motocross competitors and supporters.


Ex-Barmouth lifeboat gets new lease of life

The second Barmouth lifeboat to be named Jones-Gibb was decommissioned in 1939 and around that time underwent a conversion which included the addition of a cabin.What happened to her after that is unknown but the current owners, the Maclachlans, bought her approximately 5 months ago. They are still researching her past and in doing so found details of the Jones-Gibb on our website History page. When they bought her the Maclachlans said, “she was in a bit of a state but nothing major”.  After the removal of 120 bin bags of rubbish and a lot of hard work, the Jones-Gibb is once again looking well (see pictured right). She is currently lying at Bowling on the River Clyde, Glasgow and the owners have enjoyed sailing her around the West Coast. They hope to have a long and happy ownership and are considering the possibility of a trip down to Barmouth at some point in the future. There’s still more work to do on the boat as the main mast was unfortunately a write-off, but they plan to replace that over the winter. The Maclachlans have promised to send us more updates on  progress from time to time, so keep watching the News page. If anyone wants more information the owners are happy to be contacted. Please send an email via our contacts page and we will forward it to them. Click on the image (right) for more pictures

RNLI Barmouth lifeboat rescues six people stranded on ferry - 27th October 2009

RNLI Barmouth inshore lifeboat was launched on Tuesday evening at 16.50hrs when information was received that a boat was in difficulty in the Mawddach Estuary. The Barmouth ferry ‘Seren Wen’ ran aground on a sandbank east of the Barmouth Bridge with three adults and three children on board. The inshore lifeboat ‘Rotarian Clive Tanner’ was launched in the harbour and within minutes was alongside the stricken boat. After the lifeboat crew tried unsuccessfully to refloat the ‘Seren Wen’ all the passengers were taken on board the lifeboat. After returning the passengers to the safety of the harbour, the lifeboat returned to pick up the ferry crew.

Barmouth RNLI volunteers take the plunge at The Lifeboat College - 27th October 2009

Two lifeboat crewmembers from Barmouth have completed a challenging course at the RNLI’s purpose-built new training centre. Aaron Griffith 24 and his brother Bobby 22 (both pictured left), have returned from The Lifeboat College in Poole, Dorset, with a week of specialised D class lifeboat crew training under their belts. The course trains lifeboat men and women in the many skills needed to crew a D class inshore lifeboat. Crewmembers stayed on site and trained at the College’s Survival Centre, which features a wave tank, lifeboat simulator and live engine workshop. Some of the training saw Aaron and Bobby in deep water, as crewmembers faced scenarios in which they had to right a capsized D class lifeboat in the College wave tank. The wave tank is also used for training in sea survival techniques. Other aspects of the course included training in basic boat handling and search and rescue techniques in Poole Bay. John Probert Lifeboat Operations manager says: ‘Training is the magic ingredient that turns ordinary people into RNLI lifesavers. The courage and dedication of our volunteer crews comes free, we must provide the best possible training to support their commitment’. Other facilities at the College, which was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in July 2004, include classrooms, a 150-seat auditorium, 60 bedrooms, a learning resource centre, and a restaurant. RNLI Chief Executive, Paul Boissier, says: ‘The Lifeboat College is the sea safety centre of excellence, delivering the advanced and cost-effective core training that will enable the charity to save more lives at sea and make the job safer for lifeboat crews.’ He adds that less than 10 per cent of today’s crews come from a professional maritime background, and that lifeboats are getting more and more advanced – making training more important than ever.

Amazing young caravanners raise money for the RNLI - 17th October 2009

Barmouth lifeboat station was the venue on Saturday for some very special young people. The members of the Junior Committee of the South Staffs Centre of the Caravan Club along with their families visited the station to present a cheque, meet the crew and have a conducted tour around the boathouse. Liam Cotterill aged 13 is the Junior Chairman of the Club and it was his idea to raise money for the RNLI. He proudly presented a cheque for £786.73 to Mark Haworth the Area Fundraising Manager for North Wales who expressed his appreciation and thanked all the youngsters for their ideas, commitment and motivation in raising such a large amount of money. The Junior Committee consists of fifteen members with their ages ranging from 8-16. Every weekend the group and their families meet up with their caravans and as well as enjoying themselves they raise money for different charities. They had lots of different ideas for raising the money. Last year at their firework rally they made chocolate apples and also sold glow sticks and punch balloons. On other weekends they made cakes, cooked bacon and sausage baps, and fetched water for caravans for a small donation. Throughout the year donations were received from other caravanners, RNLI collecting boxes were placed in local shops, RNLI key rings donated by a centre member were sold and the profit from gas sold was donated. One weekend in March the youngsters organised their own rally to raise more money for the RNLI. The weekend centred on sport with lots of activities including virtual horse racing, a whisky slide for the adults, a sweet roll for the children and a large raffle. When presenting the cheque Liam said,” All in all it has been a very good year and we have enjoyed raising this money and are very pleased to come to Barmouth to present the cheque to the RNLI”. Mark Haworth said, “It is gratifying that the youngsters know the importance of helping others while looking for nothing in return. Their families should be very proud of them. The RNLI depends entirely on voluntary contributions so we are extremely grateful for the huge amount of time and effort put into raising this money”.

Barmouth residents can now receive text messages to their mobile phones every time their local RNLI lifeboat goes out.

The SMS alerts are triggered by the same pager system that notifies the lifeboat’s volunteer crew members which means that people who sign up to the service will know exactly when their local lifesavers have been called out.  Unlike the crew members who can be summoned at any time, day or night, subscribers to the service can decide when they’d like to receive alerts and set a limit on how many messages they receive.
Participants can pick specific stations they want to follow and can keep in touch with more than one lifeboat station. It is also possible to pause the service for a while, for example while going abroad on holiday. Subscribers can also select how much they would like to pay for each message received and set a maximum amount they would like to spend each week. A portion of the fee will go to the RNLI, so not only do the alerts keep local people informed, they are also contributing to the real cost of the lifeboat launch. The amount donated depends on your mobile operator, but everyone who signs up to the scheme will be helping to raise vital funds for the RNLI.

In order to sign up for the alerts go here: http://www.rnli.org.uk/what_we_do/lifeboats/launches/mobile_phone. For more ways to raise money for the RNLI and information on how to take part in the charity’s biggest fundraising day go to www.rnli.org.uk/sosday

Barmouth RNLI Inshore lifeboat launched twice within an hour - 26th September

Barmouth Inshore lifeboat ‘Rotarian Clive Tanner’ was launched at 3pm Saturday 26th September when information was received that a powerboat was sinking one mile out from the beach.

The small Fletcher speedboat with four persons from Kidderminster on board was sinking when it was spotted by a passing RIB. The occupants of the speedboat were hastily taken on board the RIB and their boat was taken in tow. The Barmouth RNLI lifeboat escorted the RIB to Barmouth harbour and assisted with beaching the boat. The casualties were returned to the lifeboat station where station personnel cared for them.

As soon as the RNLI ‘Rotarian Clive Tanner’ returned to the lifeboat station a local person informed the Deputy Launching Authority that a boat had been seen which appeared to be drifting towards Fairbourne. Once again the lifeboat was launched and on reaching the drifting cabin cruiser they discovered that it had suffered engine failure. The Inshore lifeboat towed the cabin cruiser and the two persons from Runcorn on board, to a mooring in Barmouth harbour.

RNLI Barmouth lifeboat assists lone yachtsman - 21st September 2009

The RNLI Barmouth ALB was launched at 10.30 on Monday morning 21st September after receiving information about a lone yachtsman in difficulty south of Mochras. At the time there was a moderate breeze and the sea was quite choppy. The yacht Blue Seal that was being sailed from Cardigan to Merseyside with one person on board was suffering from engine failure when the RNLI lifeboat was tasked to help. When the RNLI ALB arrived at the yacht the Pwllheli lifeboat was already standing by. Barmouth lifeboat then escorted the yacht back towards Barmouth.

The yacht was towed across The Bar into Barmouth Harbour where it was left on the harbour wall. The owner of the yacht who lives in Whiston, Merseyside reported that it was taking in water.

Kevin McArdell Deputy Launching Authority for RNLI Barmouth said, The yachtsman was very fortunate crossing the Bar at the time he did because an hour later the wind over tide conditions would have made the boats predicament much worse.

Powerboat towed in by Barmouth RNLI lifeboat -11th & 14th September 2009

Barmouth Inshore lifeboat was launched at lunchtime on Friday 11th September to assist an 18-foot powerboat. The boat with two men from Telford on board had suffered mechanical failure four miles out from Caerddaniel Caravan Site. The boat was taken in tow by the RNLI ILB and delivered safely to the coastguard on the beach at Caerddaniel.

At 2130hrs on Monday 14th September there was a request from the coastguard and the ILB was launched. There had been sighting of a parachute flare in the vicinity of the harbour. The Inshore Lifeboat found nothing, it turned out to be a false alarm with good intent.

RNLI rescues injured woman from rocks - 28th August 2009

Barmouth RNLI Inshore lifeboat was launched at 23.01 on Thursday evening to assist a woman who had fallen on some rocks near the southern end of Barmouth Bridge. Within minutes of the call out, the inshore life boat was manned and on its way to the incident in a gale force wind and choppy sea. On arrival at the scene the volunteer lifeboat crew found paramedics already in attendance treating the casualty who was suffering from head injuries after tripping and falling down amongst the rocks. The volunteer lifeboat crew with the assistance of the paramedics transferred the woman to the inshore lifeboat. The ILB with a paramedic on board travelled back to the harbour where an ambulance was waiting. The woman who is on holiday from Lancashire was taken by ambulance to hospital.

Barmouth lifeboat releases powerboat stuck on sandbank - 24th August 2009

Barmouth Inshore Lifeboat was launched just before lunchtime today to assist a small powerboat ‘Bass 1’ after it became stranded on a sandbank. The powerboat, which is owned by a local person, was cruising through the harbour when it became stuck on a sandbank on the Fairbourne side of Barmouth Bridge. The inshore lifeboat towed ‘Bass 1’ to Penryn Point where the volunteer lifeboat crew then assisted the two persons on board to place it on to its trailer.

Successful RNLI fundraising events at Barmouth in July & August

July and August have been very successful months for the Barmouth and District Fundraisers who have raised nearly £6000 for the RNLI.

The first event, which saw the release of 1000 ducks in the grounds of Glandwr Mill, was very popular and also very entertaining. The weather was very kind on the day, even though the forecast was torrential rain. There was plenty of water in the river for the ducks and it was dry and warm for the visitors. There were numerous stalls including cakes, raffle, tom bola, face painting and the refreshments proved very popular especially the cream teas.

At the beginning of August the RNLI Flag Day was held and was very well supported by the local people and visitors to Barmouth and surrounding areas. The total amount of money donated was more than last year an increase of 29%.

Thanks to the excellent organisation beforehand the Indoor Market in Fairbourne on 11th August was as always very well attended and the grand sum of £1400 was raised in only a couple of hours. (see picture right)

Last but not least was the Open Day at Barmouth Lifeboat Station on 16th August. Visitors were able to meet the crew, see the two lifeboats, have photos taken on the ILB with a member of the crew and look at the Talus and tractor at close quarters.

Because of the chilly wind all the stalls except the Cox in the stocks were inside the boathouse. All day there was lots of activity going on including various games and face painting for the children and many different stalls for the mums and dads, including table top sales. As always the barbecue was extremely popular, but the highlight of the day was when the Lifeboat Operations Manager John Probert was cajoled into the stocks to raise money for the RNLI. This he did willingly, with a smile on his face and without the aid of a dry suit!


The Barmouth and District Fundraising Committee would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the events because the RNLI – the charity that saves lives at sea, is funded by voluntary donations and needs the support of the public to train and equip volunteer lifeboat crews and lifeguards.


Busy afternoon for Barmouth Inshore Lifeboat - 13th August 2009

Barmouth RNLI Inshore Lifeboat with a crew of three on board, launched on Thursday afternoon for a routine training session. Immediately after launching the ILB was diverted to tow a 6 metre long RIB ‘Storm chaser’ with three persons on board which was near the green cone outside Barmouth. The RIB was experiencing fuel problems so it was taken in tow by the lifeboat and returned to its mooring in Barmouth Harbour.

After leaving ‘Storm chaser’ the ILB was diverted to a 22-foot yacht ‘Calypso’ which was disabled near the red marker cone. The yacht with three persons on board was towed to safety in the harbour. Immediately after leaving the yacht the ILB answered a report of an inflatable dinghy, offshore at the north end of the promenade.

The inflatable was recovered and returned to the shore and the crew on the ILB proceeded to do a shoreline search. After being ‘stood down’ by HMCG the lifeboat was returning to the Lifeboat Station when once again they were diverted. This time to a report of a dinghy with 2 persons on board blowing out to sea opposite the RNLI Lifeboat Station. The dinghy and two persons were recovered and returned safely to the shore.

John Probert Lifeboat Operations Manager said, The Helm on the boat was extremely pleased with the two young crew members under training, they responded quickly and professionally and it proved to be a very good training exercise. Regular training is vital for our volunteer lifeboat crews to go to sea and save lives. Thanks to voluntary contributions and legacies the RNLI is able to support, train and equip our volunteer lifeboat crews.’

Two launches by Barmouth lifeboat - 8th August 2009

Within minutes of each other, Barmouth’s Inshore Lifeboat and the All Weather Lifeboat were launched on Saturday afternoon to two separate incidents.The Inshore Lifeboat was launched to assist an 18-foot speedboat with one male adult on board. The speedboat was towed into Barmouth harbour. Shortly after the ILB was launched, the ALB went to a boat with engine failure. The engine was re-started before the ALB reached it so the lifeboat stood by until the vessel was on its mooring in Barmouth harbour.

Four lives saved by Barmouth Inshore Lifeboat - 23rd July 2009

RNLI Barmouth Inshore lifeboat was launched today at 13:30 and four lives were saved thanks to the vigilance of Deputy Launching Authority John Puddle and Lifeboat Station Mechanic Llew Griffin.

At approximately midday today, Deputy Launching Authority John Puddle saw a 14 – foot powerboat leaving the harbour in rough seas and a force five southwesterly wind. Just after 13:00 he became aware that the boat had not returned to the harbour so he telephoned Llew Griffin the RNLI Mechanic at the Lifeboat Station and asked him if he could see the boat from the Lifeboat Station.

Using the telescope at the lifeboat station Llew spotted a boat with two adults and two children on board fishing. Suddenly the boat was seen to capsize so the Inshore Lifeboat was launched immediately to the North Bank about half a mile from the shore with crew members Llew Griffin and Arun Griffiths on board. This was a very special launch for Arun who is a probationer on the lifeboat, as not only did he help to rescue four people from the sea, it was his first service launch.

The family of four from Burnley in Lancashire were pulled from the sea into the lifeboat, wrapped in foil and the lifeboat returned to Barmouth Lifeboat Station where other members of the crew were on hand with blankets and warm drinks. It soon became apparent that the two boys aged seven and eleven were suffering from mild hypothermia so the ambulance was called. The mother of the two boys was also in pain possibly from being stung by a jellyfish. The paramedic on board the ambulance is also a crew member of Barmouth Lifeboat. The ambulance crew treated the family and after ascertaining that they did not need hospital attention were taken to the campsite where they are staying for their holiday.

John Probert the Lifeboat Operations Manager at RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station said, ‘Had it not been for the vigilance of one of our crew members and the quick reactions of the mechanic, the consequences of the fishing trip could have been far more serious. Before venturing onto the sea the state of the wind and the tide should always be taken into account.

High Sheriff of Gwynedd visits RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station - 7th July 2009

Members of RNLI Barmouth voluntary Lifeboat Management Group welcomed the Queen’s representative in Gwynedd to the town’s lifeboat station.
Major Norman Corbett the High Sheriff of Gwynedd was welcomed to the station by Dr. Rob Haworth, the Chairman. Major Corbett was making an official visit to the station and was accompanied by his wife Alison and the Under Sheriff of Clwyd John R.N.Gregory.

Llew Griffin the station mechanic accompanied the party on a tour of the lifeboat station. They were taken on board ‘The Moira Barrie’ the Mersey Class ALB and shown the inshore lifeboat the D Class ‘The Rotarian Clive Tanner’. After seeing the launching equipment and listening to an explanation of the launch and recovery of the ALB, Major Norman Corbett declared his admiration of the professional way in which the whole operation is carried out. Major Norman Corbett thanked everyone for welcoming him to RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station and after expressing his appreciation of the dedication shown by the volunteer lifeboat crew he offered his support in the future.

Saturday was a busy day for the RNLI in Barmouth - 30th June 2009

Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far and Barmouth beach was crowded with holidaymaker's.At 11:30 the RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to rescue a girl of seventeen who was being blown offshore in an inflatable dinghy off the beach opposite the lifeboat station. She and her dinghy were safely delivered to shore.

During the afternoon at approximately 15:30 the RNLI All Weather lifeboat The Moira Barrie towed a yacht safely into Barmouth harbour. The yacht with two persons on board suffered engine problems. The Rotarian Clive Tanner the RNLI inshore lifeboat at Barmouth was returning to the boathouse after an exercise at 16:30 when they picked up a ten-year-old girl approximately 250 metres off shore. She was safely returned to shore.

John Probert, RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said, “When the wind is blowing offshore it is very important to think carefully about using inflatable dinghies. They can be blown out to sea very quickly and anyone thinking of swimming should stay close to the beach. Offshore winds can be dangerous.”

West Coast Custom Bike Show in aid of the RNLI - 28th June 2009

Barmouth locals and visitors were treated to a commendable show of custom built motor cycles displayed by the North Wales Chopper Club at the RNLI Lifeboat Station on Barmouth Promenade last Saturday.

The Bro Cader Motor Cycle Trials Club based in Blaenau Ffestiniog was also on hand to provide three action packed displays of youth motorcycle trials riding around a specially prepared arena on the adjacent car park.

The weather was kind and a good time was had by all for the worthy cause of raising money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Pictured here is Tony Olley, a crew member, who helped organise the event and hosted a BBQ at his home in aid of the RNLI. Llew Griffin local born mechanic of RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station said, ”It’s great to see the North Wales Chopper Club, the Bro Cader Trials Club and Gwynedd County Council all pulling together to raise money for the RNLI so that we can continue to keep the Welsh coastline as safe as possible for everyone. Thank you all. Full marks, well done please come again next year”.

The Rotary Club of Mawddach presents a generous cheque to RNLI Barmouth crew 15th June 2009

RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Station was the venue for the Rotary Club of Mawddach to present a cheque for £500 to help towards the maintenance of the high training standards the station needs to meet.

Jacqui Puddle the RNLI Barmouth Lifeboat Visitors Officer was recently the guest speaker at the Mawddach Rotary Club weekly meeting at Fronoleu. In her talk she explained in great detail the arduous and thorough training that every member of an RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew has to undertake. She explained that as these volunteer crews risk their lives for the benefit of others, it is only right that all equipment and training is of the highest possible quality. Recently, the members of the Mawddach Rotary Club had the opportunity to visit the RNLI Lifeboat Station in Barmouth to see for themselves some of the ongoing training that takes place in every lifeboat station and see the equipment that is used when the lifeboats are launched.

At the end of the visit, Vicki Haws, President of the Mawddach Rotary Club expressed the members appreciation of the RNLI volunteer crew at Barmouth Station and for the service they supply not only for local boat owners but also holiday makers in trouble with boats, jet skis, inflatables and all the other occasions when the lifeboat is called out.

President Vicki Haws and Rotarian Robert Clark a canoe user on the Mawddach, presented a cheque for £500 to DLA John Puddle, Helm Daryl James and assistant mechanic Dylan Roberts. On receiving the cheque Deputy Launching Authority John Puddle said,” All funding for the RNLI comes from voluntary contributions so we are delighted and extremely grateful to the Rotary Club of Mawddach for their generous donation which will ensure the RNLI continues to invest in training volunteer crews to save lives at sea.”

Barmouth Lifeboat launched to assist yacht - 7th June 2009

On Sunday afternoon 7th June at approximately 6pm, the RNLI Barmouth Inshore Lifeboat ‘The Rotarian Clive Tanner’ was launched. Holyhead coastguards had requested a launch to assist a yacht, which was in difficulty at Barmouth outer buoy.

On Saturday the yacht ‘The Blue Kipper’ had sailed from Barmouth to Pwhelli but had experienced mechanical problems and as a result received assistance from RNLI Pwhelli lifeboat.

On Sunday morning the yacht sailed from Pwhelli to Barmouth, sea conditions were calm and the visibility was good. The two persons on board encountered no problems until reaching Barmouth Outer Buoy as the wind was easterly, blowing 1/2 knots and without an engine they had difficulty entering the harbour.

The RNLI Barmouth Inshore Lifeboat took ‘Blue Kipper’ in tow to Barmouth Harbour and put alongside the harbour wall where the two persons on board were safely delivered. The lifeboat and three crewmembers returned to the station where the boat was made ready for the next call out.

Retired driving instructor completes round Britain RNLI challenge - 24th May 2009

Geoff Clarke a pensioner from Wolverhampton has completed an amazing car journey of 4,828 miles fund raising for the training of RNLI volunteer crews. His journey began with a send off from members of the RNLI lifeboat station at Barmouth 21 days ago and ended back at Barmouth on Saturday where he was warmly greeted and congratulated on his success by the Lifeboat Operations Manager, John Probert and members of the RNLI Barmouth crew.
During his journey around the coastline of Britain, Geoff called at 20 RNLI lifeboat stations where the enthusiastic volunteer crew made him very welcome and he also passed a further 75 stations which he recorded on video.

As well as the £500 raised by his local pub in Wolverhampton before he began his journey, donations were made throughout his 21-day adventure. The total amount of money raised is unknown at the moment but a cheque will be presented to Andy Whyte National Campaigns and Events Manager for the RNLI once all the donations and sponsorship monies have been received. John Probert Lifeboat Operations Manager RNLI Barmouth said, “The RNLI are extremely grateful to Geoff for all the hard work which he undertook in organising the journey and for the money which he has raised for training RNLI volunteer crew. It now costs £1,214 to train each crewmember every year and all this money comes from voluntary donations and legacies. Geoff hopes that he has raised enough money to train five crew members.”


Radio Waves raise funds for Barmouth RNLI - 30th March 2009

Barmouth Lifeboat crew were recently presented with a cheque from representatives of Merion Amateur Radio Society for the superb total of £407.
The money was raised at the end of January when MARS took part in the RNLI SOS Radio event at Barmouth Lifeboat Station and Merioneth Yacht Club. The event was organised for UK and Irish amateur radio operators to raise money from sponsorship for the RNLI.

Friends, family and local companies were very generous in their sponsorship and as contacts with other radio enthusiasts all over the world exceeded the target of between 200 and 250 this raised the grand total of £407. The radio operators worked very hard all weekend even having time to chat to visitors and show them how the radios work. Without the efforts of the radio operators working all Saturday night at the yacht club it would not have been so successful. The Merion Amateur Radio Society is hoping to make this an annual event. Jacqui Puddle Barmouth Lifeboat Visits Officer said, “They were a very enthusiastic group of people and it was a pleasure having them at the lifeboat station and watching radio hams at work. It was a very enjoyable weekend for all concerned.”

RNLI Funds boosted by SOS Radio Week - 26th January 2009

Barmouth Lifeboat Station and Merioneth Yacht Club played host on 24th and 25th January to Meirion Amateur Radio Society who were holding a sponsored event to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. SOS Radio Week is a week-long fund-raising event by UK and Irish Amateur Radio operators. Their aim is to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and is organised to co-incide with the RNLI's own SOS Fund Raising Day at the end of January. The Radio Amateurs raise sponsorship and then make as many contacts with other Radio Amateurs around the world. Not only is it raising money for a very worthy charity, the Radio Amateurs have fun meeting new friends on the air. John Martin the Secretary of Meirion Amateur Radio Society said, “ I am very pleased with the outcome of this weekend’s event and would like to do it all again next year. The total raised is not yet known but it is estimated to be about £300.”

New Years Day Swim - 11am 1/1/2009 (non but the brave ! ! !)


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