RNLI - Barmouth Lifeboat Station

Jones-Gibb now under new ownership undergoes a thorough restoration - June 2010

Since we last heard about her in early 2009, the Jones -Gibb (still named Thrift) was sold by the Maclachlans to Robert Ferguson in the Winter of 2009. From a sample of the many photographs kindly sent by Roberts son, we can see that a great deal of effort is being made to get the boat into top class condition. Robert says that the boat is due to go back in the water in the next few weeks.


Ex-Barmouth lifeboat gets new lease of life - Oct 2009

The second Barmouth lifeboat to be named Jones-Gibb was decommissioned in 1939 and around that time underwent a conversion which included the addition of a cabin.What happened to her after that is unknown but the current owners, the Maclachlans, bought her approximately 5 months ago (early 2009). They are still researching her past and in doing so found details of the Jones-Gibb on our website History page. When they bought her the Maclachlans said, “she was in a bit of a state but nothing major”.  After the removal of 120 bin bags of rubbish and a lot of hard work, the Jones-Gibb is once again looking well (see pictured below). She is currently lying at Bowling on the River Clyde, Glasgow and the owners have enjoyed sailing her around the West Coast. They hope to have a long and happy ownership and are considering the possibility of a trip down to Barmouth at some point in the future. There’s still more work to do on the boat as the main mast was unfortunately a write-off, but they plan to replace that over the winter. The Maclachlans have promised to send us more updates on  progress from time to time, so keep watching the News page. If anyone wants more information the owners are happy to be contacted. Please send an email via our contacts page and we will forward it to them.

Jones-Gibb II (below) as found by her new Owners and subsequently restored, now named "Thrift".