RNLI - Barmouth Lifeboat Station

Barmouth Lifeboat Station is the proud home of both an ALB (All-weather lifeboat) and an ILB (Inshore lifeboat).


The current ALB is a Mersey Class named "Moira Barrie" 12-26. She arrived on station in 1992 - see pictures here.

The Mersey class lifeboat was introduced in 1988 and was the RNLI's first ‘fast’ carriage lifeboat. It was designed to be launched from a carriage but can also lie afloat or be launched from a slipway. Propellers are protected by partial tunnels and substantial bilge keels.

The first Mersey introduced 1988 and the last was built in 1993.
She has a length of 12m
Range 140 nautical miles
Speed 17 knots
Weight 13 tonnes
Crew 6
Construction Aluminium or Fibre Reinforced Composite (FRC)
Launch type Carriage, afloat or slipway Details of which other stations currently operate this type of lifeboat can be seen on the "Mersey" class page of the official RNLI website at this link.The Moira Barrie is shown here being recovered from the beach onto her carriage.

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The current ILB is a D class named "Craig Steadman" D-814.

With over 50 years’ service since its introduction in 1963, the D class lifeboat has helped the RNLI to save thousands of lives at sea and continues to be the workhorse of the charity’s fleet today. With a top speed of 25 knots, she can spend three hours at sea at this speed on search and rescue missions. She is highly manoeuvrable and usually operates closer to shore than all-weather lifeboats. She comes into her own for searches and rescues in the surf, shallow water and confined locations - often close to cliffs, among rocks and even inside caves. The details given are for the latest version that was introduced in 2003.

Introduced 1963 (latest version in 2003)
Length 5m
Range 3 hours at maximum speed
Speed 25 knots
Weight 436kg
Crew 2/3
Construction Hypalon coated polyester
Launch type Trolley or davit

D 814 Craig Steadman will operate alongside Barmouth RNLI’s all-weather Mersey Class lifeboat Moira Barrie until 2020 when the Mersey is set to be replaced by a Shannon class all-weather lifeboat. The Craig Steadman is shown here at the dedication ceremony at the lifeboat station.

Details of which other stations currently operate this type of lifeboat can be seen on the D class page of the official RNLI website at this link.


You can see photographs of the Crew practising their ILB capsize drill here


Below are pictures of both Moira Barrie and the previous ILB Clive Tanner in action.
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